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i like the game it's fun

Very Luft, Very Rauser!

Very cool! 👍


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My highest score (that I saw) was around 5650.

My highest without getting hit once was 120. (easiest way to tell if you haven't gotten hit is always be shooting)

And a little challenge I did was play without healing and always dash, and my high score for that was 442.

Basically the same challenge but you can control your dash: 449 (last time I checked).

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I really liked this game. It's kind of funny when you're flying and turn around and you just die instantly because of the number of bullets stacked on top of each other. (also the oof sound effect)

I think when you die, you can see your high score, cause I just die and don't know what my final score was.

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You could see your highscore at first, but removed it because it was so unreadable due to the 64 resolution limit.


I enjoyed playing this a lot. I was able to score over 2000 too lol. Music fits well the game, especially when you strafe around the enemies. 

Great Job!

I had a lot of fun with this and I love the graphics. Great job!

The aesthetic was so cool!!  Pretty fun gameplay though challenging because of the limited resolution restriction. This feels super polished for a game jam game.

Very cool game! I love the art style!! I really enjoyed playing it :D 

I really enjoyed the gameplay, it was easy to understand what to do, but nicely challenging to do well. I kind of wish the ship contrasted a bit more with the particles of the path as when I moved around they kind of blended together.

¡clean project! wish this game had a high score scream


high score scream?

high score SCREEN, there is score but no place to see it again

Hey, fun game, kind of challenging, would be nice if there were health power ups.  You can check out my Asteroids of Life game. Its asteroids, with a twist of good and evil!
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yeah youre right. i probably should have put health power ups.

Well done. I didn't beat your score but still very fun and simple.

Good game. Simple and fun. nice work!