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this game is the best thing I have ever played gameplay amazing jumpscares hilarious 100/10 <3

why is fnac cuz fnac is five nights at candy's

no fnac is clearly for five nights at cumass


Game Of The Year

The mario/foxy jumpscare actually scared me though

Omg this is the best game ever111!11!!1111!!!!11!!!!1!1

1000000/10 amazing graphics and gameplay truly ahead of its time

10/2, would not play again, would recommend to those I want to f***

Game form hell

aw hell naw ma


what was this game bro



i <3 men

approved by sister nicki minaj

this is accepted by the wise mystical tree

laughing my fucking ass off




Fantastic game 

its morbin time

then he morbed all over the place

how do i deal with mario hes annoying

basically you have to flash ur light at mario for 1 second on night one, 2 seconds on night two ect.

what engine did you used

Game maker studio 2

i shidded in my pants OHHH i am fr apologize i make my booty shid

I loved the game 


i love cum

Me edging my aneurysm


i need a guide bout what enemies do lol

(1 edit)

you need to flash ur light at mario but for all of the other guys you just have to put the mask on when they enter the office

this game is so overrated idk why people still doesnt play this. 10/10